Custom Illustrations

Created graphic illustrations inspired by the ‘critters’ of Winterlife- each crew member has a “Critter Name”, and the personality of each influenced the sketches. These are currently in use on product packages, trade show banners, and in visually establishing the tone of the Winterlife Cannabis brand.

Responsive Website

A tailored e-commerce WordPress website was constructed for Winterlife Cannabis, populated with original content and fully optimized for mobile and retina devices. An e-commerce platform was integrated for licensed retail partners to place orders online 24/7, including automatic coupons, discounts, secure login and ordering, fully within government limit and transaction compliance.


The owners of Winterlife made clear a vision that involved prohibition-era reference and “Critters” that live in a snowing forest that is not cold, and have a mature style, in order to meet WA I-502 guidelines. I created an etched-style of illustration that successfully brought the ideas together, as well as creating the tagline “Celebrate Freedom”. Both the tagline and critters became strong, easily identifiable hallmarks of the Winterlife brand.

Merchandise Design

Designed a t-shirt produced for Hempfest, and was commissioned to create Winterlife Cannabis’ branding poster, which was distributed to partner recreational marijuana shops throughout Washington State.

Copy Writing

Original descriptions of all products and all website copy was composed to reinforce Winterlife’s brand hallmarks. Content was also created for  promotional materials, including an informational booklet for consumers new to the legal marijuana market in Washington State.

Product Photography

Winterlife Cannabis’ products inspired taking immersive, high resolution photographs, with natural, bright light. The vibrancy of the raw ingredients was emphasized to convey a message of high quality and expert hand-made craftsmanship.