Black Bear’s Honey Oil Cartridges


Rich, dark brown essential cannabis oil extract awaits in a pre-filled, precisely dosed cartridge you can conveniently vaporize in your Winterlife Cannabis vape-pen. Our proprietary extraction method allows for the fullest flavor and precise dosage control, with three levels of strength to choose from:


Daytime-strength pure cannabis oil extract, approx. 20% THC. Pound‐for‐pound, featherweight holds its own in the ring with a light, relaxing buzz.


Medium-strength pure cannabis oil extract, approx. 40% THC. Lightweight class is a medium strength choice, for good times and rolling with the punches.


Full-strength pure cannabis oil extract, approx. 70% THC. A heavier dose of clean, powerful cannabis, middleweight is a serious contender’s selection. A sure bet for going the distance.

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